Gus Forkiotis Student Award Recipients

This award is presented to the student with the best poster or published paper in the area of neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

2004 Nicole Miesner for “Innovative Concepts in Hemianopsia and Complete Visual Loss-Low Vision
Rehabilitation for Older Populations” Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation 2004;20(3):212-222.

2012 Hanna Kim, OD, Resident Northport VA Hospital, for poster “Center of Balance – A
Multidisciplinary Approach”

2013 Staci Boon, OD, Resident SCO, for poster “A Vision Lift: Use of Prisms for Treatment of a Right
Homonymous Paracentral Visual Field Defect”

2014 Grace Dumayas, OD, L Major, for poster “Pupillary Light Reflex and Eye Movement: Clinical Tools
for Early Detection of mTBI/Concussion”

2015 Poonam Nathu, for poster “Prescribing Therapeutic Prism Lenses to Improve Visual Spatial Disorientation”