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Gus Forkiotis Student Award Recipients

This award is presented to the student with the best poster or published paper in the area of neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

2004 Nicole Miesner for “Innovative Concepts in Hemianopsia and Complete Visual Loss-Low Vision Rehabilitation for Older Populations” Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation 2004;20(3):212-222.

2012 Hanna Kim, OD, Resident Northport VA Hospital, for poster “Center of Balance – A Multidisciplinary Approach”

2013 Staci Boon, OD, Resident SCO, for poster “A Vision Lift: Use of Prisms for Treatment of a Right Homonymous Paracentral Visual Field Defect”

2014 Grace Dumayas, OD, L Major, for poster “Pupillary Light Reflex and Eye Movement: Clinical Tools for Early Detection of mTBI/Concussion”

2015 Poonam Nathu, for poster “Prescribing Therapeutic Prism Lenses to Improve Visual Spatial Disorientation”

2016 Silvia Mijares Landin,BS for poster “Interprofessional referral patterns for traumatic brain in jury and stroke patients with visual dysfunctions: a retrospective study”

2017 Neil Renaud, OD for poster “A case report on the management and rehabilitation of complete cranial nerve III palsy”