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Advancement of Neuro-Optometric

Rehabilitation Award Recipients

This award is presented to the individual, group, agency or organization that has demonstrated, by virtue of its actions, treatments or clinical procedures to further the advancement of the art and science of Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation. The advancement of neuro-optometric rehabilitation is expected to increase public awareness, to enhance function, performance and rehabilitation outcomes.

1994 William V. Padula, OD

1995 John W. Streff, OD

1996 William M. Ludlam, MS, OD and Diana P. Ludlam, BS

1997 Vincent R. Vicci, Jr., OD

1998 Raquel de Benabib, MS

1999 Gottlieb Vision Group-Vision Rehabilitation Team of REKINDLE: Daniel D. Gottlieb, OD,

2000 Thomas A. Politzer, OD and Diana Carmosino, COVTT

2001 Eric T. Ikeda, OD, Tammy Kennedy, Roxanne Abbott, Cheryl Watanabe, OTR/L

2002 Melvin Kaplan, OD

2003 Winways (Richard Adams, MD, Pam Kauss, MA, community reentry program

2004 Joe Kiel, James F. Georgis, OD and Janet Palumbo

2005 Laura Pankow, OD, PhD, Daniel Luchins, MD, Julia Studemaker, MLS, MA, Daniel Chettlebrugh, - Evaluation of a vision rehabilitation program for older adults with visual impairment.

2006 Lezheng Wu, MD and Youzhau Chen, MD

2007 Nathan D. Zasler MD, Douglas I. Katz MD and Ross D. Zafonte DO, Editors for Brain Injury

Medicine Principles and Practice

2008 John Kerry and Congress-The Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Center of Excellence Bill

2009 Tina Trudel, PhD

2010 Western University Health Sciences-College of Optometry and Elizabeth Hoppe, OD, Dean

2011 David Cantor, MS, PhD and Psychological Sciences Institute

2012 Caitlin Hudac MS and James Nedrow, OD

2013 Hannu Laukkanen, OD

2014 Cavin Balaster and Denise Smith, OD

2015 Vision Rehabilitation Section of the American Optometric Association

2016 Stefan Collier, FO, LFBOAF, LFEASO, FCSO

2017 Kenneth Ciuffreda, OD, PhD