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Late Constantine Gus Forkiotus


Founding member of NORA Dr. Forkiotus is remembered as a thinker and one who never accepted something just because it was written in a book or because everyone else accepted it. Sharing information with others for the purpose of helping individuals with vision problems, particularly those with neurological problems, was very enjoyable for him.

He was considered an excellent clinician as well as a teacher. He had patients that came from great distances for his unique approaches using lenses and prisms to help solve their visual problems. When teaching, he always discussed the need to use lenses and prisms which he considered to be the greatest but most overlooked instrument for initiating change that the optometrist could provide He considered the lens and the prism not as compensatory or passive approaches to improve acuity or align the images for the two eyes. He believed that the lens and prism, when used with the ultimate knowledge and experience of the optometrist, was a dynamic instrument to affect adaptation of the visual process.

He is remembered as one who unselfishly dedicated himself to sharing and serving others.