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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Articles

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Rehabilitation journals devoted to Optometry and visual rehabilitation

Brain Injury Professional Fall 2005 2(3) p.4-32.

The role of optometry in the management of vestibular disorders-Cohen

The rehabilitation of vergence and accommodative dysfunctions in traumatic brain injury-Fox

Reading-related ocular motor deficits in traumatic brain injury-Ciuffreda,

The diagnosis of visual unilateral spatial inattention-Suchoff

Managing visual field defects following acquired brain injury-Suter and Margolis

Vision rehabilitation following acquired brain injury-a case series-Hillier

NeuroRehabilitation June 1996 6(3) p.163-239.

Post trauma vision syndrome and visual midline shift syndrome-Padula

Visual rehabilitation of hemianopic head trauma patients emphasizing ambient pathways-Streff

Rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury with associated visual dysfunction-a case report-Ludlam

Photophobia in patients with traumatic brain injury-Jackowski,

Enhancing decreased sight of patients with traumatic brain injury-Freeman and Jose

Case studies of a new approach using parital and selective occlusion for treating diplopia-Politzer

National prevalence rtes of traumatic brain injury among adults: the Canadian household-Willer

Rehabilitation of visual processing deficits following brain injury-Raymond,

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Hemianopsia and Falls Prevention

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Visual Dysfunction Following a Neurological Event

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An Overview, Neuro-optometric Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

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Vision Dysfunctions Secondary to a Motor Vehicle Accident: A Case Report

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Residential design for real life rehabilitation

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Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Cortical and Subcortical Interfacing via Retinal Pathways

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