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Visual Field Loss: Rehabilitative Strategies

Richard L. Windsor, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Visual Field Loss

Visual field loss may occur in many forms from nearly complete loss of peripheral vision to small areas of partial loss. Hemianopsias (loss of half the field) or quadranopsia (loss of quarter field) are common after head injury or tumors.

Patients who suffer strokes or other traumatic brain injuries to one side of the brain including tumors may develop a loss of visual field to the opposite side. Patients often mistake this as being a bad right or left eye, but it actually occurs in the brain and thus presents as a loss in both eyes. Patients often run into objects, lose their place in reading and are startled by people or objects moving at them suddenly from the lost field.

Visual Field Rehabilitation Systems

The functional rehabilitation of the visual field loss may require a combination of scanning therapy, adaptive strategies and optical field awareness devices. Scanning therapy and adaptive strategies have traditionally been employed by occupational therapists. Today, optometrists specializing in neuro-optometric rehabilitation and low vision have new visual field awareness systems to aid these patients.

Approaches to Hemianoptic Field Loss Rehabilitation

Bitemporal Field Loss / Tunnel Vision Rehabilitation

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